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"If it goes in, on or comes out of a C-130, we can and we will test it!"

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  • Air Logistics Services

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    DEC. 2011- Move C-130Q from Racine, Wisconsin to Sacramento, California.


    Repairs, replaced wind damage rudder and rudder boost pack.


    Removed #1 engine, RGB, replaced propeller brake, reassembled and reinstalled on sight.



  • Airdrop - Personal and Cargo

  • Short Field Operations

  • Movie Shoots

  • American Sniper (trailer)

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    H & R Block (commercial)

    Jin Air (commercial)

  • Flight Test

TBM Inc. operates under FAA Part 91 (General Aviation) rules. As such, the company is normally limited to contract flights for aeronautical research and development, agricultural and fish and wildlife support, and similar niche markets not in competition with civil air carriers. For federal, state, and other government agencies, TBM provides complete logistical support to include air land and airdrop delivery of cargo worldwide as well as a host of training operations utilizing the many capabilities of the C-130 Hercules. TBM can also provide associated ground support, aerial port, rigging, and recovery services through affiliated companies.

AIR LOGISTICS SERVICES: The C-130A can transport various combinations of fuel and cargo to accomplish multi-leg, worldwide logistics operations:
Scenario A: 30,000# cargo, 27,000# fuel, range 1,350 nm (one-way).
Scenario B: 25,000# cargo, 32,000# fuel, range 1,750 nm.
Scenario C: 14,000# cargo, 32,000# fuel, range 2,200 nm.
Scenario D: 18,000# cargo, 1,000 nm and return unrefueled.
Scenario E: 25,000# cargo, 600 nm and return unrefueled.
The C-130A also comes with removable 900-gallon wing tanks (7,500# fuel each) which can extend the range 1.7 hours or 450 nm at the expense of 15,000# payload.

AIRDROP—PERSONNEL AND CARGO: In conjunction with the logistics capabilities above, TBM aircraft and crews can conduct all the standard aerial delivery methods for paratroop, heavy equipment in excess of 30,000 pounds, rubber raft, and containerized delivery system (CDS) employment, both high (HALO) and low altitude. This service extends to test and evaluation of various prototype parachute, rigging, platform extraction, and guidance systems.

SHORT FIELD OPERATIONS: TBM aircraft can operate in and out of semi-prepared airfields of 3,000 feet or greater for special operations and training scenarios, or during a disaster response where the available infrastructure dictates.

MOVIE SHOOTS: TBM aircraft are available for movie and TV production wherever a large transport-, military-, or commando-style aircraft would be appropriate, such as an air assault, tactical air land, or airdrop setting.

FLIGHT TEST: Flight Test Specialty Support -TBM Inc. C-130 Flight Test aircraft feature specialty equipment aimed at meeting our customers’ needs.

Specialty Antennas

Don’t see an antenna that meets your needs? Give us a call, we’ll find it and can easily install it with our antenna “Mission Package” mount.

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